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TruMedicines uses patented Micro-pattern Pill Recogniser to identify individual drugs. This allows the user to track/trace/authenticate an individual pill with their mobile, which has never been possible before. This mobile app can GPS track drug inventories for product recalls, reduce drug loss, expiration dates, stop counterfeit drugs, notify doctors of patient drug compliance, etc. A trained Deep convolutional pooling Neural Network (DNN) was used for identification. Pharmaceutical pills can be tracked/trace/authenticated in compliance with the 2013 US Drug Security Act

We helped TruMedicines to convert their POC android app and API into a more robust Azure based one. Developed the MVP version of the Android app and Improved their EmguCV based app into a Azure WEB API based service. Logiticks also worked with David to evaluate and adopt the next version of the API powered by the Azure Machine learning based Neural Networks


  • Integration with intelligent pattern recognition algorithm Track & trace counterfeit drugs Text to speech options MCC architecture

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