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Insightcentr allows organisations to measures usage of web and desktop software over time. This gives management insights into the software applications which are really powering the business, and retire the systems which don't. This leads to significant savings on licensing and subscriptions costs, and maximize ROI on tools already owned. Helps to effectively manage software budgets and measure project success

We were a technical partner to InsightCentr from the product ideation stage. We worked together on every phase like wireframes, design, UI/UX, development and testing. We took the system from just an idea to a system capable of handling millions of messages across various agents. The agent app, written in WPF, and Power BI reports were just the tip of the iceberg, Under the hood, there was an entire suite of Azure components (plus loads of coffee and sleepless nights 🙂 )


  • IOT used in a unique way to discover usage patterns
  • Desktop app which captures and rely usage patterns
  • Ingestion, Cleansing, Processing & Storage of massive data in real time
  • Custom Reporting and Power BI reports
  • Fully automated billing integrated with Charigify

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