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With cutting edge technology, expert domain knowledge and a portfolio of successful Fintech projects, Logiticks is well positioned to be your development partner. We understand not only the technology driving FinTech, but also your business. Our executive team consists of finance (CA/CPAs) and technology professionals with decades of combined experience.
2018 shows promise with Fintechs going beyond the original use cases and expanding their line of business. Fintechs can also expect increased competition from banks with inhouse fintech products. FinTech biggest impact are currently seen in payments, fund transfer and personal finance.



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    Fintech Development Company in India

    Fintech has revolutionized the financial sectors allowing enterprises to transform their financial services with nascent technological development. Fintech solutions cater to the unmet customer needs harnessing emerging digital technologies in a very quick and creative way. FinTech technology can offer innovative and effective solutions which will benefit your businesses and provide it greater access to more diverse funding options. Being a Fintech development company in India, Logiticks will help to harness Fintech solutions tailored to meet the needs of your businesses regardless of its size.

    Financial Technology Services

    Fintech is a futuristic financial technology solution that can make a great impact in the design and delivery of financial products and services. FinTech provides more digitised transactions with greater transparency in payment systems. This allows better audit capabilities, improves transactions security, reduces potential risks and need for regulation. The rise of Fintech solutions can help both established businesses and startups to conduct business more effectively.

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