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Integrate more than 100+ AI related services variants from the global leader in Cloud And Edge computing services.

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Microsoft AI Platform

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AI Services

Consume ready made:
  • Cognitive Services
  • Bot Framework
  • Machine Learning Services
ai services in india
Massive computing power when required
  • HDInsight
  • Data Science specific Virtual Machines
  • Batch Jobs for AI Training
  • Azure Container Service (AKS)
Block chain development company in India
AI on your Existing data
  • Data Lake Store
  • SQL Database
  • Azure Cosmo Db
cognitive services in India
AI Tools
  • Machine Learning Studio & Workbench
  • Azure IOT Edge Toolkit
  • Azure Notebook
  • Visual Studio for AI



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    Artificial Intelligence Development

    The Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in resolving problems faced by businesses as well as end users. Analyzing the potential of Artificial Intelligence, we develop AI & machine learning solutions to empower your business with up-to-date digital technologies. Harnessing Microsoft AI platform, developers can accelerate development of AI solutions and build smart applications. Logiticks provide one of a kind AI tools for developers to create applications with maximum productivity, and helps you process your business tasks, analytics, strategy, marketing, delivery, tracking, and interaction in real-time through a single AI interface. Our AI development services help you build intelligent systems for automated decision making in a very cost-effective and efficient way.

    Cognitive Intelligence Services

    Xamarin mobile app development platform provides convenient tools to develop both Android and native iOS applications with a fraction of the development efforts and time. Native mobile applications built with Xamarin provide better user experience with standardized UI controls. The main advantage of the Xamarin platform over other technologies is that about 75% of the app codebase can be shared across multiple mobile platforms, instead of designing an app independently for each operating system.

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