How to Run an Android App on PC: Remix OS

If you ever wanted to boot Android on your PC to sync up things in our Google account or launch an app, here's a recipe.

How to Run an Android App on PC: Remix OS

Hey there, There is a good news for Android lovers, as all know that currently we are using Android for mobile devices with multitouch and we are loving it. As some of the users like to use android on their pc so that they can sync up there using your google account. Therefore now we have a solution from the jide developers. They want us to use the Android for pc using just a USB device.


What is Remix os. Remix OS is based on Android-x86, an unofficial open-source project that ports Android to run on standard PC hardware. Remix OS adds a windowing system, turning that operating system into something that you might actually want to run on a PC. Remix OS is just plug and play mechanism, where users can create a bootable pendrive with using the tools provided by the jide. The remix os will also work on mac machines so whoever wants can plug and play this os. Remix os currently run on 5.1 Lollipop.

What you need to run Remix os,

Remix Os package - You can download the package from here. The current package is of 700 MB and you need to tick the disclaimer which says that I am a developer. It’s currently made for alpha users who don't mind some bugs while using it. They also have started google community group where anyone can post their feedbacks based on the RemixOs.

An 8GB+ USB stick with 20MB/s write speeds - Remix os requires an 8GB minimum of free storage so as to install and run. As it has two modes ie. resident and guest mode id you choose resident mode when you need more memory because it saves your apps and data. And jide (dev) recommends using 20MB/s write speed USB stick.

An x86-based computer - As mentioned already it's an x86 variant Android, so it only runs on computers with 86 variant and will run on Intel and AMD processors. Also for older mac, it won't work and needs windows pc to create the bootable USB stick.

Boot-from-USB enabled - The computer must have the ability to boot from USB(USB legacy boot option), currently the most of computers can work on it and also if you are not sure on how to boot from USB don't worry please go through this link.

Now about installing part Below are requirements required to install

1 Download Remix OS for PC package, which contains the Remix OS for PC ROM & USB Tool

2 Inject flash drive(USB stick) into your PC.

3 Open Remix OS USB Tool and follow the directions to install Remix OS for PC on your flash drive.

4 Reboot your PC.

5 Press F12 while booting and enter Boot Menu.

6 Select "USB Storage Device" as boot option under Legacy Mode.

7 Select either "Guest Mode" or "Resident Mode" to start Remix OS.

Now you may have a question what is Guest mode and resident mode.

Guest Mode - It's something like you go to someone's house and you have the permission to enter and use . You can install apps from playstore and all, but if you turn off the pc every files you installed or changed will be erased.

Resident Mode - Its like you are in your own house, you can have unlimited access to all the apps and files.It will save all the contents even after you shutdown your pc. It will act like a portable computer which will work on any x86 pc which you can plug and play it anywhere. In this mode I suggest you should use more than 16gb pendrive. so that you can have many apps and data.

Now for installing apps and data usage.

Though you have an android os it doesn't have preinstalled google play services, so you should need to install them manually. If you want to use google play services you need to download them and can install from here.

1 Download GMSInstaller.apk

2 Install APK file and run it.

3 Click on "One-click to install Google Services" (this will automatically download google play services).

Otherwise, you can install manually the apps from . Here you can search, download and install the apps.

1 Search APK Mirror for the app you want to install.

2 Ensure you have the correct version, where applicable. For reference, RemixOS runs Android 5.1.1.

3 Open the Settings app, click Security, and enable installation from “Unknown sources.”

4 Launch the Downloads app and click the APK you downloaded, then follow the prompts to install it.

About the runtime

As I have gone through the alpha version on remix os, I came to know that currently you don't have the option to view the content of your hard drive. It only shows that the content can be from the USB stick only. As for the interface, it's quite easy for starters or any android users and is same like that of windows or mac.

The current alpha is kind of buggy because I found the play store not to be worked but it worked after cleaning the cache of play store and started again. Even it can run all the apps downloaded from play store but you may feel some problems for games which are multi-touch etc.

You can connect via the internet or by wifi which is included in the os. So there is no need of installing 3rd party apps for this.

I believe you all got an overall idea on remix os 2.0 alpha release.

So what are you all waiting for?

Install and use now...

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