Get Free Site Hosting with Google Drive

Need a free hosting for a basic static website like a personal web page? You can publish it using google drive in a few simple steps.

Hey there,In this blog I would like to share how to host static html pages for free of cost.As we all know if you want to host a website we definitely require a hosting space, which can be bought from hosting service providers like Bigrock, Godaddy etc.But it will be kind of expensive if the web page is a static personal page or a page which doesn’t have an commercial value. And that won’t be economical as well to renew every year.

No worries! I have a solution for you.This blog will demonstrate how to publish a html website using google drive in simple steps.

Here you go:

  • Make sure you use following steps to publish static website using this method.

  • First thing first, you need to have a google account, if not create a new account.

  • Login to your google account and open your google drive as showing in the below picture.

  • Create a folder inside the drive.

  • Open that folder and put all your web files into that folder which you have created.

  • Once the uploading is completed just change the folder permission to public.

  • Copy the link which comes after the folder/..........

  • Now open a new tab and append the copied text after the following link listed below

  • Now your website is hosted and you can view it from anywhere.

  • Now your concern might be about the lengthy URL.You can personalize this URL using your custom domain which you might already have or you can buy new one from domain registrar like / etc. Even you can get free domain from website like

  • Once you own the domain just forward the domain to the hosted google drive URL and mask your domain to hide the lengthy google drive url. You can see this options directly in the domain control panel of your domain.

I hope this helps you to host your website with no cost.

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