Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

According to the ‘Digital 2019 reports’ from Hootsuite and We Are Social,there are 5.11 billion unique global mobile users among 7.7 billion population today. Smartphone penetration and app usage has been soaring, with no signs of slowing down in the near future. Take a look around, you can see people glued to their cell phones. Most of us are addicted to our mobile phones and we rely on them for a variety of purposes - as a transportation guide, food sources, online shopping, connecting with the world and more. Reviewing the combined research results from Nielsen, Pew Research Center, comScore, SmartInsights, and other organizations, it can be deduced that an average person spends over four hours a day on their device. What’s everyone doing with their phones? Well, 90% of our mobile time is spent on applications. Haven't you heard this phrase - “There is an app for that” at least once? It is probably no surprise that you can find an app for virtually every reason you can think of.

Google Play Store is home to 3.5 million apps and App Store has over 2.2 million apps (Statista). Whether it is about taking their marketing strategy to the next level or gaining traction with the customers, an effective mobile strategy is quintessential. Your business needs more than just a mobile-friendly website to reap the benefits of enterprise mobility. More and more businesses, regardless of their size and niche are building and benefiting from mobile applications. Should your business jump on the mobile app bandwagon? Here are a few benefits of developing a dedicated mobile application for your business.

1. Increased Visibility

Most businesses now have a web presence or a mobile-friendly website. However, it won’t be enough to cut through the market clutter and attain sustained business growth. Customers browse websites only for a short while and then the browser is closed. On the other hand, an application will remain on the device until the user chooses to uninstall it. Having an application for your business helps in increasing your online visibility and search traffic. Smartphone users search Play Store or App store for application and your business app will appear in such searches. Download and usage of your business app will help with your search rankings and getting customer visibility round the clock.

2. Brand Recognition

An app with useful content will remain on the user's device and mind thus creating brand awareness. A mobile app acts like a billboard sign for your business and the content you post through an application will reflect your business values. Developing a well branded app with all the features your customers will love is most likely to have a positive impact on brand favorability and purchase intent. Companies can use their mobile app to present sales pitches, launch a new product, announce exciting offers or promote new services. Not only this would help your brand engage with customers , but also boosts your brand recognition.

3. Direct Marketing and Communication Channel

A dedicated mobile app serves as a good marketing channel for your business. When a customer downloads and uses your business app, they are gaining access to all the information regarding your company - products and services, customer reviews, ratings, other functionalities, customer support and more. Moreover, features such as push notifications help in establishing direct communication with the customer. Business enterprises find it easy to share valuable information (promotions) with their customers through a mobile app. For instance, if there are any exclusive offers or special bonuses, your mobile app users will be notified. At the same time, enterprises can conduct customer surveys and encourage users to report feedback and errors.

4. Improved Customer Service

A customized mobile app not only deliver convenience and useful information, but also helps in establishing an emotional bond. Personalized services offered through mobile apps increases customer interaction thereby boosting good loyalty and sales. Moreover, mobile apps can access the device features and provide them with a pleasant customer experience. Increased accessibility and better customer service can place your business in the best possible light. In fact, companies can integrate loyalty programs into their dedicated mobile application to launch reward programs or bonus policies. Sharing useful promotions and reward programs through mobile app will help in improving customer loyalty. When customer satisfaction levels improve, it would generate more sales resulting in higher profit margins.

5. Competitive Edge

Leveraging the functionalities and features of a mobile app helps gain a competitive edge in the market. For instance, you can receive a ton of analytics from mobile application which include user’s location data, demographic data, interests and many other statistics. Understanding your customer behaviour and how they use your mobile app would help you improve your strategies and services.

The Bottom Line

More and more companies are planning to increase their investment in mobile app development in the coming years. If you don’t want to fall behind your forward thinking competitors, it is essential to follow the trend. Seek the expertise and services of a reputed mobile app development and launch a dedicated business app to connect with your on-the-go customers anytime and anywhere.

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