How to add Certificates in Azure Websites Applications

How to add Certificates in Azure Websites Applications

Now a day applications are hosted in Azure Websites. Some web application needs a certificate for security purposes because those applications may need an API call within the application.

In this blog, I will explain in a step by step procedure to create a certificate and upload it to Azure.

What is a certificate?

The certificate contains cryptographic keys that can be used by web application for authentication, signing and other purposes and are usually considered security-sensitive.

How to create an X509 certificate?

It is very simple. Copy paste the below code in Visual Studio Command Prompt.

Makecert –r –pe –n CN="" –b 05/10/2010 –e 12/22/2011
–eku –ss my –sr localmachine -sky exchange –sp "Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider" –sy 12

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