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What is Blockchain?

A technology which has become a game changing force in any area where trading occurs, where trust is at a premium and identity theft protection is critical. In its essence, blockchain is a self-sustaining, peer-to-peer database functioning as a distributed ledger for managing and recording transactions. This is done without the involvement of a central authority such as a bank or clearinghouse. Blockchain is also often referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). One of the most visible applications of Blockchain is as the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. are all based on Blockchain.

Verified directly on the network within seconds

Eliminates intermediaries

Access for all authorised users on the network / Single source of truth

Transactions cannot be modified and underlying ledger is tamper evident

Blockchain has seen significant industry adoption by both startups and large enterprises. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has announced the switch to blockchain technology to record shareholdings and manage the clearing and settlement of equity transactions.

Companies adopting Blockchain

Can Blockchain benefit my business?

The practical application of a transparent, tamper-proof register of transactions are almost endless. The fact that it provides fraud protect with no central supervision simplifies required control and security.

When a disruptive technology provides tangible benefits for an industry, the most effective companies will evolve and become better by incorporating them into their business processes. Blockchain offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a wide variety of business to transform themselves.

How can I integrate Blockchain?


Find specific opportunities

Creating a working group and shortlist new business opportunities, or new avenues for strengthening your core competency/differentiator

Feasibility study

For the opportunity(s) above, chart out how Blockchain will make a difference and its ROI. This should be weighed from different perspectives and a variety of stakeholders; it should cover aspects such as operations, regulatory compliance, risk, finance and tax, etc. By the end of this activity, you should have a clear idea of how a blockchain implementation will enable your business.

Proof of concept

Formulate a POC to validate the above reasoning. During creation and validation of the POC, the original parameters may change and also, you may discover new and innovative variants of how to use this technology.

Scale Up

Assuming the POC has demonstrated some measurable and tangible improvements, create a roadmap scaling up.

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Application of Blockchain technology

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    Blockchain is changing the information technology like the World Wide Web did many years back. The blockchain technology sets a new paradigm for information sharing, and its major advantages include improved security, faster data processing, automation, decentralization and more. As one of the leading blockchain technology development service providers, we assist you to blockchain solutions for your business that enable easy and secure transactions. Blockchain technology is an ingenious invention for the digital upkeeping of data exchanges in an incorruptible manner.

    Blockchain Technology Services

    Blockchain solutions can support a huge range of applications across various industries such as healthcare, insurance, supply chains, energy management, real estate, government and other sectors. Blockchain solutions transform the traditional business models reaping significant benefits including greater transaction speed and transparency, improved efficiency and better traceability on reduced costs. It also automates and streamlines every type of your transactions eliminating the paper-heavy processes in a productive and secure way. In brief, blockchain may not supplant the corporate relational database; however, it will create a new standard for data transaction inside and outside of global enterprises.

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