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Logiticks is an innovative company that helps businesses to grow by blending latest technologies with its custom-made technical solutions. What is unique about Logiticks is the Deep domain knowledge in core Finance,Tax, Banking and level of customer obsession that runs through the company’s culture.

At Logiticks, we are always looking to exceed customer expectations. Our greatest priority is customer satisfaction and we’re constantly working on adding value to our customers. Customer engagement and accountability go hand in hand at Logiticks. We have a very strong sense of accountability and always act in the best interests of the customer. This leads to solutions with greater productivity gains, operational efficiency and cost savings.

"Our Mission - Deliver an amazing customer experience."

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Our solution servers better to FinTech space.

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We help build and develop applications

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Agile Development Methodolgy

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Focus on FinTech

Our Deep domain knowledge in core Finance,Tax and Banking, enables us to provide cutting edge services in the FinTech space.

Customer-Oriented Approach

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and to add to the value of your existing business. We meet your preferences by adapting our processes to fit your company’s needs.

Reasonable Cost & Qualified Teams

We leverage the latest state -of- the-art technologies and stable qualified teams that offers reasonable cost to our clients.

Legal Protection & IP Rights

We offer legal protections as well, including non-disclosure agreements that restrict any access to information deemed confidential to any third party (parties).

What We Do

Deep domain knowledge in core Finance, Tax and Banking, enables us to provide cutting-edge services in the FinTech space

We provide technical guidance and help companies to adopt cloud, build and manage.

Begin your blockchain journey with us and explore blockchain’s ‘Internet of Value'.

Helps infuse with intelligent algorithms to transform your business with AI.

Single code based results in better Time-To-Market and reduced cost.

Get data insights you need to make better business decisions

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