Cloud Adoption

Keep your data floats secure all over the world.
We help companies to adopt cloud, provide technical thought leadership, help build software and manage the application 24/7.

With multiple large cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, it’s difficult to understand which technology to choose in different scenarios from a technical as well as cost perspective. We provide technical guidance and help companies to adopt cloud, build and manage.


Our Features

We have immense experience in building and running
highly available and scalable SaaS applications.

We leverage the latest Azure Platform as a service technology from Microsoft to build applications.

We are experts in building and monitoring systems to learn customer usage patterns.

We ensure 24/7 availability.

We guarantee continuous integration and continuous deployment methodologies.

We follow a customer-focused development and communication framework.

We focus on consulting and identifying cost-effective cloud solutions.

Used Technologies

azure technologies technologies technologies ajax technologies
angular technologies web api technologies
c technologies
entity technologies
linq technologies
mvc5 technologies

Need Free Technical Help ?

Our highly qualified tech personnel will pick up your question, thoughts, issues and guide you further. Experience our in-depth technical expertise and get the best solutions no matter how complex your ideas or issues are; free of cost !

  • We respect your privacy.
    We are very cautious about privacy and information security. Our multi-level corporate security policies and procedures ensure prevention of data loss, misuse or unauthorized access of any business-sensitive information that you share.

Case Studies

  • Family Finance

    Family Finance

    The Family Finance app shows how much to save for retirement and college as well as other long-term goals.

    View Case Study
  • hellodoc


    HelloDoc is a robust communications platform that allows providers and patients to maintain a high level communication.

    View Case Study
  • Savewatt


    An easy-to-use mobile app to connect with a number of wifi-enabled devices and to control them.

    View Case Study

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Client Says

  • “Logiticks helped me make important changes to my website. Their promptness and eagerness to complete projects helped me take a step forward with EduPair.”


    Alexis Elliot, Executive Director and Founder

  • “Brilliant experience, will definitely be hiring this contractor again. Very, very pleased with the outcome.”


    David McLauchlan, CEO

  • “Our company have engaged the services of Logiticks for a number of projects and we have been continually impressed with their professionalism, their knowledge and most importantly their responsiveness…”


    Kate Thompson, Project Manager
    Connexion Media

  • “Finding logiticks was a stop for us! We were in a journey that none had figured out what we needed. You guys listened and even offered great support in coming up with this whole system. As we said before, this is our first major project and you guys captured our figurative minds. As for me, Logiticks have been very excellent in service delivery.”


    Prince Ladan
    Taxi Portal

  • “It is a pleasure working with Logiticks. They are very professional and responsive to our needs. They have delivered on time and are quick to respond to the changes we want made on our projects.”


    Suresh K, Professor
    Foster School of Business, University of Washington

  • “They did excellent work. Very timely, professional and well designed. I’d highly recommend their work.”


    Kent Herbst
    CEO of Novus Industry

  • “Logiticks did an excellent job on my app. Designed the user interface and implemented new software features. Programming errors were corrected quickly and accurately.I plan to have Logiticks do more work for me in the future.”


    Daniel Freedman
    Owner,Family Finance

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