Jun 18 2016

How to create a Css3 Parallax Effect

What is Parallax? Different platforms, online and offline are competing to give users rich user experience and visual media is one which has seen tremendous revolution in achieving this. Creativity is unleashed in designing and developing this experience, be it in movies, games or web platforms. The term ‘parallax’ derived from the Greek word ‘parallaxis’ […]

Feb 22 2016

HTML-5 Contact form template with Material Design

Getting Started With Material Design Material Design is specially developed design language which creates a specific visual treat to the users. Material design have its unique set of shapes, layouts, color schemes and patterns. Most importantly material design adds depth and motion to the web design elements. It is a responsive front-end CSS framework which […]

Feb 22 2016

Navbar plugins integration for Html layout

I assume you already know about Bootstrap and how to use it. This post is for those who are familiar with bootstrap. Here we will discuss how you can integrate Bootstrap components to your HTML page?. To begin with, the essential Bootstrap component for integration is definitely navigation. So let’s start with the Navbar which […]

Jan 22 2016

Stunning tips for solving browser compatibility issues

Let's start with browser compatibility Issues in RWD Responsive Web Design Browser compatibility has been an all time major headache for designers as well as developers. Web designers must ensure that their design works perfectly and its appearance is error-free on any browsers. Throughout the design process you should keep cross-browser compatibility in your mind, […]

Dec 23 2015

Adapting material design from bootstrap – A beginners guide

Introduction to Material Design Material Design is a design language developed by Google. Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. Material Design will be gradually extended throughout Google's array of web and mobile products, providing a consistent experience across all […]

Dec 22 2015

Improving Data Table in a Mobile View – Media Query

As we all know the responsive design is widely adopted today, responsive design is all about adjusting design to the different device screens. Tables often cause problems to the designers, normally in smaller devices we can view with zoom in and zoom out then a vertical scroll will be appeared on the screen here I […]

Nov 23 2015

Introduction to HTML5 canvas element

The HTML5 <canvas> element is used to draw graphics on a web page.The HTML <canvas> element is used to draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting (usually JavaScript). The <canvas> element is only a container for graphics. You must use a script to actually draw the graphics. Canvas has several methods for drawing paths, boxes, […]

Nov 23 2015

Migrating to bootstrap CSS from CSS – Plain solution

Bootstrap (front-end framework) is a free and open-source collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Framework is nothing but a bundle of pre written functions for reusing again and again. […]

Aug 24 2015

Thriving bootstrap fluid row panel with same height

As we know that nowadays in every field technology is growing with reliability and accuracy in order to speed up development. For example automation in vehicle manufacturing is to speed up the development. It is the same in our web developement and web applications as there are lot of frameworks currently available. Frameworks have inbuilt […]

Jul 27 2015

Alternative for Creating Image Icons

Font Awesome is an advanced alternative for creating image icons in design layouts. By loading the font and CSS files, Font Awesome can be applied to any website. It can be integrated to your Photoshop designs as well.  In this blog, I'd like to explain how you can use font awesome in Photoshop designs.   […]

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