Feb 24 2016

How to Use Elasticsearch in SAAS Based Application

Scenario While migrating an application in ASP.NET MVC to SaaS-based application, I had faced an issue with elasticsearch. ie For every tenant application storing data in the same place, the client can see the data of other tenants. How to setup Elastic Search: For the basics of setting up ElasticSearch, creating an index, indexing data […]

Nov 23 2015

Operations using ElasticSearch in .NET Applications

ElasticSearch is a distributed search & analytical engine built on top of Lucene. Instances to use an Elastic Search: 1.Fuzzy Searching: For example if you do not know the correct spelling of the text to find, then you can opt for elastic search i.e. it is lenient in terms of spelling. 2.Multi-Tenancy: Often, you must […]

Apr 9 2015

Elasticsearch in C# .Net

Introduction Elasticsearch is one of the easiest way to do full text searching in .Net. Interestingly it is based on Lucene Search, which is build in java.  One of the issues that I had faced while using Lucene search was that it was not searching for the values “in”and i suppose it would be mainly because "in" […]