Feb 12 2016

How to Implement LibVlc in .Net using DllImport

Introduction Using a library file (.dll file) in a .net project is usually easy but, using libvlc in .net is different. This is because libvlc is an unmanaged c++ library (dll). To use unmanaged code in .net we have to implement marshaling. Marshaling – Marshaling is the process of creating a bridge between managed code […]

Jan 15 2016

Differentiating Xamarin forms and Xamarin Android

I'm amazed at Xamarin.Forms, a framework for cross-platform mobile app development in C# and runs on any mobile platform. It is very easy to make a mobile application if you know XAML and c#. If you have a .NET background or know how to write C# code and want to port your existing apps to […]

Nov 23 2015

Portable Class Library

Recently when i was working on a SilverLight project, i wrote a Class Library by using different type of application, the same Library which be used for other types of application too. We know writing the code again and again would be a tedious task. Here comes the importance of Portable Class Library. Let us […]

Sep 21 2015

Async and Await in .NET 4.5

Often guidance is needed on how to write fast and responsive user interfaces without taking extra development time and effort to make applications run fast. The release of the .NET 4.5 async/await feature has radically changed the effort. The new asynchronous capabilities of .NET 4.5 rely on the async and await modifiers. Basically we have […]

Aug 21 2015

Sending Mail Alert – By Background Task in .Net

Introduction : We all might have come across several scenarios to schedule a task in web applications. For example , to send an email on birthdays of registered users in an application. For such cases,you can choose from the two strategies for implementation: Create a windows service and host in IIS Create service programmatically and […]

Jul 22 2015

Cross Origin Resource/Sharing Challenges and Solutions in .Net

Introduction : All web developers may have a chance of facing an issue to call other resources which resides on outside origin. (where “origin” is defined as the combination of host name, protocol and port number).For example, JavaScript on a web page from http://logiticks.com can’t make ajax calls to http://www.google.com or even http://www.logiticks.com, http://www.logiticks.com:80, because of some security […]

Jun 2 2015

How to get href attribute of all anchor element of html page using C#

Introduction Html agility pack is a .Net code library that helps to parse your html document. This is an agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain LT. First create a new Console application project from Visual Studio. Write the following code in .cs file

Output window Now you will get […]

Jun 1 2015

Introduction to MVC Part 1

What is MVC MVC means Model View Controller. It is one of three ASP.NET programming models. It is a framework in which we create applications using MVC designs. Model-View-Controller is essentially a design pattern that separates the different aspects of a piece of Software. This separation promotes code reusability and a more structured application architecture. […]

Feb 24 2015

How to zip and unzip files using C#

Introduction  Here I am describing about how to zip and unzip in C# using .Net framework 4.5 and below versions. In .Net framework 4.5 the unzipping is quite easy since it provides a namespace using System.IO.Compression. But in framework below 4.5 it is better to use 3rd party DLL for zipping and unzipping. Ionic zip […]