Mar 21 2016

A Memorable Christmas Celebration By Logiticks

For weeks we were racking our brains, wondering what our management had planned for our Christmas celebration. It was finally revealed that the whole team will be spending their Christmas at Wetzlar resort in Muvattupuzha. The day we were waiting for was finally here, and we started our journey from our office at 9:30 in […]

Mar 14 2016


Assam, Darjeeling, Pune, Delhi and finally Kochi. Spending half of my life in a metropolitan city like Delhi the most hyped place for professionals for 18 years where I worked for a decade then came the time to bid-adieu and move to Cochin. Moving my base to Cochin was a well taken decision after due […]

Dec 21 2015

All about Logiticks Badminton League(LBL) 2015

“When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all.“ Theodore Roosevelt Logiticks conducted the first badminton league within the Nirmal Infopark premises on 2nd November 2015. Moble Joseph(one of our co-founders) inaugurated the tournament at 7 pm and it was followed by the match between LogiWarriors Vs Spartans. The team members, fixtures […]

Nov 23 2015

My Life @ Logiticks – Dhanya Viswanadhan

Myself Dhanya Viswanadhan raised up from a small village in Alappuzha and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science realized that programming is my passion.After attending numerous interviews and struggling I got my first job at a company in Kochi as a junior software engineer .I was passionate and enthusiastic with my first job. […]

Aug 24 2015

My takeoff @ Logiticks – Athira Thilak

I started my career as a .Net Trainer and upon completion of 2.7 years I joined Logiticks as a .Net Developer. From trainer to a developer, I was kind of nervous on my first day as I thought that everyone was serious and didn't talk to each other because of the work pressure. All my […]

Sep 25 2014

Rising Tide

Hello all and Welcome to our Blog. Logiticks goal is to provide meaningful insights, learnings, our thoughts and perspectives on anything and everything related to Startups, from Strategy to Sales to Technical content. My first topic is about the Rising Tide. Recently I had the opportunity to read the first few chapters of the book […]