Mar 30 2016

Explore Your B2B Market – A LinkedIn Strategy

In December 2002, Reid Hoffman, founded LinkedIn, a complete professional-oriented social media network across the world. Currently 225 million members across 200 countries are using LinkedIn effectively.. My experience with LinkedIn motivates me to write a blog for all marketers as I find so many people are still struggling to connect and do business. Most […]

Mar 29 2016

E-commerce Websites in India

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce which involves transfer of goods and services electronically over internet without any barriers of distance and time. Nowadays e-commerce is steadily on the rise. As per the usage report, web traffic is coming more from mobiles and tablets than from computers. Data shows that 50.3% of traffic is coming through […]

Sep 25 2015

Churn – The killer

Continuing on my earlier post on the acquire, engage and retain customers. From Hub Spots unit metrics published in an article in Forbes Key Observations from the above example Cost of Acquiring Customers, Monthly Recurring Revenue and Margins are relatively flat for the business across Q1’11 to Q2’12. The churn decreased from 3.5% in Q1’11 […]

Aug 14 2015

Innovation and Customer Engagements

Everyday each of us see something new in and around us. We may see new business , advertising models ,startups and much more growing day by day . But do all of them really become successful ? Some may or may not. Let's ask a question to ourselves "For us to be become successful, do […]

Jun 14 2015

Cost of being nice? Nothing!!!

Over the years in business and in personal life I have learned that it costs nothing to be nice –other than a potential mindset change. Much has been written about this and nothing really new has changed except that we each need to remind ourselves about this. Some people call this “Paying It Forward”. I […]

May 3 2015

What makes you ‘Exceptionally Outstanding’?

Recently, I came across a book,“Outstanding! 47 ways to make your organizationexceptional” by the author John G Miller. Was quite an interesting read. If not all the 47, I would love to share some key techniques that we are implementing in our organization.At the end of this blog, I have a question awaiting you.   So […]

Apr 10 2015

CEO interview series with Jay Weeldreyer

About Jay Weeldreyer  Jay is the Chief Experiment Officer at Inquiry Mode. In the past, he was the founder and CEO of LendJoy. He is an active member in the startup community. He is also the founder Coach at Techstars and a Mentor at the Startup Weekends.   Jay is best described by his colleagues as a Visionary & absolutely […]

Mar 17 2015

The Amazon Way

For millions of people around the world, Amazon has been a household name. I’ve always wondered how Jeff Bezos built a company, a culture and a legacy that grew unstoppably to become the powerhouse it is today!!! But after reading John Rossman’s book – The Amazon Way, the answer is pretty clear. At Amazon, right from […]

Oct 14 2014

Product Market Fit- It’s What Really Matters

One of the most intriguing question for a company is, ‘Will the product be successful in the market?’ Quite often companies build their products without sufficient market study and customer validations. Decision are made on the basis of gut feelings and assumptions of the potential market opportunity. This is a classic case of technology trying […]