Mar 29 2016

Familiarization of Azure Storage Services Part 1

Windows Azure Overview Most of the modern applications now uses the services of Azure Storage because it provides flexibility, scalability, durability, and huge availability of storage. This helps us develop large-scale applications. Azure Storage is accessible from anywhere in the world. It supports different applications built using a variety of languages. I am not going […]

Feb 24 2016

How to configure SSL certification for cloud service applications in windows azure?

Introduction SSL certification is an encryption technology for our websites and cloud service applications. It creates an encrypted connection between our cloud based application and user’s web browser. SSL certification ensures our websites and cloud service application is secure. How to get a SSL certification? If we need SSL certificates for our azure website, it […]

Feb 23 2016

Continuation Tokens in Azure Table Storage

Introduction In Azure TableStorage, Continuation tokens are Tokens returned by Table Storage Service, to let the user know that the execution is not completed. Its not just a continuation of Result set, its the continuation of Table scan/Query Execution. If someone design a system without exactly knowing what continuation tokens are, it may end up […]

Feb 23 2016

Reserve IP in windows azure

Introduction In windows azure we can create lot of websites and vm. But every time we deploy these websites and start vm, their IP address will be changed. In some cases we need a permanent IP address. In this case we use reserve IP. Situation We had a cloud service Api application in windows azure. […]

Jan 22 2016

Azure Active Directory SQL Authentication

INTRODUCTION Azure Active Directory is a fully managed multi-tenant service from Microsoft that offers identity and access capabilities for applications running in Microsoft Azure and for applications running in an on-premises environment. Its name leads to incorrect conclusions about what Azure AD really is. Therefore, to avoid any confusion with Windows Server Active Directory that […]

Jan 7 2016

Virtual Directory in azure website

Introduction IIS has allowed you to configure multiple virtual directories and applications within a single website. There are a bunch of situations where this is useful. This blog will explain how we can create virtual directory in azure website Situation In my last project I faced an issue, the project had two versions and I […]

Jan 7 2016

Getting started with Azure Key Vault

Introduction Azure key vault is one of the components in azure portal which has been used to encrypt keys in our cloud applications and services. Developers create key and security administration can give permissions to key, as needed. Keys are stored in a vault and are invoked by URL when needed. Azure customer can import […]

Jan 7 2016

Getting started with windows azure active directory

Introduction Azure active directory is one of the main components in windows azure which is used for high organization’s identity management. Using this,we can use our own identity in our cloud and service applications. This is also like our own system. We can create so many users and applications into this directory and manage permissions. […]

Nov 23 2015

Play Windows Azure data factory

During one of my projects which have a table storage and where I need to insert data to the table storage through event hub. And there was no issue with this which worked normally. But the issue started when a new column user inserted the data to the table storage. After much research and discussion […]

Oct 26 2015

Sending Events to Azure Event Hub through HTTP Client

As we already know Event Hubs are Microsoft Azure platform for message (events) streaming . Now let see how we can sent data to event hub through HTTP Client. Every events should be posted to an Event Hub URL in the below format , where   eventhubnamespace-ns = Event hub namespace eventhub-name = Event […]

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