Life at Logiticks

“At Logiticks, our commitment is to strong leadership, ethical standards and solid core values: Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun at work! Our specialty is our team spirit and cooperation, which shape our sustainable ethical culture and encourage a mindset of integrity and a vision of success.”

Life at Logiticks is the Freedom to work as you wish

People, purpose and process are the three cornerstones of our pursuit of excellence at Logiticks. We encourage a people-focused culture, mutual respect, open communication where your voice will be heard and valued, open feedback, and we respond actively to transform ideas into action.

Career Growth

At Logiticks you will have an amazing Career Opportunity with exposure to new technologies and the opportunity to gain confidence and take on challenges. Your career and professional development comes from a partnership between you and your reporting manager in which he assists and coaches you to succeed.

Logiticks encourages every employee to write technical blogs, and we focus on each individual’s performance development, talent management, competency framework and talent matrix. Business and emerging leadership programmes and various other trainings are offered at different stages of each employee’s career. We have also developed a career and succession planning program for every six months following with a “360 Degree” performance feedback, which pinpoints our strengths and weaknesses. We have an open culture and follow a flexible work environment combined with a wide array of growth opportunities. Grow and connect at Logiticks.

Team Spirit

Every team is built with the culture of cooperation from the top level. We respect each other’s individuality, and the whole team has just one goal: timely delivery and a happy client.

Client Says

  • “Logiticks helped me make important changes to my website. Their promptness and eagerness to complete projects helped me take a step forward with EduPair.”


    Alexis Elliot, Executive Director and Founder

  • “Brilliant experience, will definitely be hiring this contractor again. Very, very pleased with the outcome.”


    David McLauchlan, CEO

  • “Our company have engaged the services of Logiticks for a number of projects and we have been continually impressed with their professionalism, their knowledge and most importantly their responsiveness…”


    Kate Thompson, Project Manager
    Connexion Media

  • “Finding logiticks was a stop for us! We were in a journey that none had figured out what we needed. You guys listened and even offered great support in coming up with this whole system. As we said before, this is our first major project and you guys captured our figurative minds. As for me, Logiticks have been very excellent in service delivery.”


    Prince Ladan
    Taxi Portal

  • “It is a pleasure working with Logiticks. They are very professional and responsive to our needs. They have delivered on time and are quick to respond to the changes we want made on our projects.”


    Suresh K, Professor
    Foster School of Business, University of Washington

  • “They did excellent work. Very timely, professional and well designed. I’d highly recommend their work.”


    Kent Herbst
    CEO of Novus Industry

  • “Logiticks did an excellent job on my app.Designed the user interface and implemented new software features. Programming errors were corrected quickly and accurately.I plan to have Logiticks do more work for me in the future.”


    Daniel Freedman
    Owner,Family Finance

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