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Azure storage data

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Azure Data Explorer

An easy access to Azure storage data. Once the customer adds their account details they can view/edit/filter their table data using our product.

In this data-centric world, cloud storage is becoming one of the most secure and affordable storage options for many applications. Microsoft Azure storage is one of the biggest player in the cloud storage. As a software development company we specializes in cloud applications.

Azure Data Explorer, a browser based explorer lets the customer to quickly browse and manage the Azure storage with ease. A reliable and innovative solution to view, manage and interact with all your Azure storage data. It helps the customers to manage all their Azure storage in one place efficiently. Azure Data explorer provides an easy access to Azure storage data. We provide an array of features in Azure data Explorer which is useful in debugging and development of cloud storage applications.

Manage all your Microsoft Azure table storage in one place.

Easily search and filter your table storage data.

View, edit, modify, delete, download your data.

Simple and fast viewing of Azure storage data.