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Let Azure be your choice to securely manage your data, web and mobile apps or to look after your business in the most executive manner.

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Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of a kind and stands out among other cloud servicing competitors. It not only provides Cloud services but supports services like data management, developer, IT services, mobile, backup, performance and commerce. A major advantage that Azure holds over others is the efficiency, speed, performance and the quality it works with, all in the best package you have only dreamt about!

Pay as you go. Only pay for what you use

High support for any OS, languages, frameworks, databases and devices

Azure cares about your security & privacy

Build, deploy and manage web & mobile services.

Azure IoT keeps the world connected with IoT

Spend less of your time and money

A few companies using Azure

Need help building your Application?

How big is Azure?

Azure spans over 100 datacenters, 140 countries and comprises of millions of servers. It is believed that Microsoft’s fiber optic network could stretch to the moon and back three times over!

Our Expertise

Azure IoT

Connect and access any device or system at any location


Bring your apps to life through saas with Azure SQL database, Azure app service


Migrate from any server or system to Azure with ease

Mobile & web service

Build, develop and host mobile & web apps

Business Intelligence

Track and record data using analytical, visual & Bi tools.

E-commerce & M-commerce

Gone are the days where we went outside to buy something. This is the digital era & we understand your growing needs


  • Storage (blobs, tables, files)
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Easy to use & navigate


  • Only simple storage available
  • No hybrid clouds available
  • Difficult to use unless trained



Dispatch Software and Apps which includes a complete system for connecting users and taxi drivers to Help your Taxi Business Grow

Case Study


Cross Platform mobile app of a property management software built for managing Apartments, Complex and Housing Societies

Case Study

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