Jun 29 2016

Easiest way to import CSV files

Greetings to all readers. Let us discuss a very commonly faced issue in this blog, import of data into a database through a program. Programmers and client organisations equally dread the upload of legacy data into the database while installing new software systems as well as modifying existing systems. Even in day to day applications […]

Mar 21 2016

Web API ModelState Validation and Null Checking in a Simple Way

Code can be written in different ways. But the code which is clean, simple and short will be the ideal one. While doing my project, I always use null checking and modelstate validation. For this I have to write code in each method like if(val!=null) etc. The more the number of codes, the more will […]

Feb 23 2016

A simplified solution to Selectize binding

While doing my project I had to replace all the dropdown with selectize. I got stuck up with a few issues and changed the binding code to selectize, but the selectize showed some bad output messages like function. After a series of research ,I found a solution to correct it. This blog will guide you […]

Feb 22 2016

AutoMapper – An easy way to map one object to another

We usually find ourselves ending up in the tedious and unexciting process of copying codes while in projects. If the project is complex and contains layers then it will definitely involve multiple conversions. Let us not even talk about the amount of work involved if it is a manual conversion. We will have to sit […]

Jan 22 2016

A knockout solution to checkbox selection in a multi layer dynamic row.

While doing my project I had faced a couple of issues on checkbox binding. Basically in materialize design the checkbox is selected according to the id's. We are using <input> to create a checkbox and set the type of input to checkbox. The code will look like this: <input type="checkbox" id="SelectCheck" data-bind="checked:Supress"/> <label for="SelectCheck"> Click […]

Nov 23 2015


Introduction:- While doing my project I had to validate data step by step. So I found a solution for that, which is called Wizards or Stepper. I searched and found out a solution to use -Smart- Wizard. In this I want to add validation on a field. It will be validating changes in each step. […]

Nov 23 2015

Dynamic Graph using Knockout

Introduction: We are using graph for many purposes. By using graph we can represent the details in the easiest and simplest way. In one of my projects, I had to create two graphs for representing the details. Donut graph Bar graph I have used Morris graph plugins. It is really easy to implement. For doing […]

Oct 27 2015

Manage Challenges at GitLab

Introduction GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager with issue tracking features. The software was written by Dmitriy Zaporozhets. The code is written in Ruby. GitLab is similar to the TFS(Team Foundation Server) in Visual Studio. The main difference is – TFS has a central server and GitLab has no central server. GitLab mainly depends […]

Aug 18 2015

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 5 Part 2

Introduction: In the previous blog , I had explained about MVC, MVC5, differences, additional features in MVC5 and some related terms. So now let us go through the CRUD (create,read,update and delete) operations. I hope everyone is familiar with creating an MVC project and its related folders and structure. For now we will add a […]

Jun 1 2015

Introduction to MVC Part 1

What is MVC MVC means Model View Controller. It is one of three ASP.NET programming models. It is a framework in which we create applications using MVC designs. Model-View-Controller is essentially a design pattern that separates the different aspects of a piece of Software. This separation promotes code reusability and a more structured application architecture. […]

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