Mar 29 2016

Familiarization of Azure Storage Services Part 1

Windows Azure Overview Most of the modern applications now uses the services of Azure Storage because it provides flexibility, scalability, durability, and huge availability of storage. This helps us develop large-scale applications. Azure Storage is accessible from anywhere in the world. It supports different applications built using a variety of languages. I am not going […]

Mar 21 2016

A Memorable Christmas Celebration By Logiticks

For weeks we were racking our brains, wondering what our management had planned for our Christmas celebration. It was finally revealed that the whole team will be spending their Christmas at Wetzlar resort in Muvattupuzha. The day we were waiting for was finally here, and we started our journey from our office at 9:30 in […]

Feb 23 2016

Processing data from SQL DB – a linq solution

There are different ways in which an application can access the underlying database and a programmer can use any of these according to her convenience. It could be a stored procedure or frameworks like ADO.NET or ADO.NET Entity Framework using which a client application interact with data. I would like to share with you some […]

Feb 22 2016

Handling Huge Number of Parameters in SQL Procedure

As we know, stored procedure has the ability to be executed faster than the same set of T-SQL statements containing the same logic. This is because the query execution plan for stored procedures is recorded and stored in the sysprocedures system table (in binary format). In my application, I use a number of stored procedures […]

Dec 1 2015

Data Migration between Tables, A Painless Method

Data Migration Data Migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another while changing the storage, database or application. In most of the cases, data migration occurs during an upgrade of existing system to a completely new system. Example Two components mergers: When the parallel systems in the two components need to […]

Nov 23 2015

Sorting Tables with AngularJS

Introduction Yeah..! AngularJS is an awesome tool to build dynamic web pages. We can develop rich UI using Angular JS. Most of the web applications have the data which are in the table format. Making the user clearly and easily understand the data using this tables. I work with AngularJs, I was looking at a […]

Nov 23 2015

Operations using ElasticSearch in .NET Applications

ElasticSearch is a distributed search & analytical engine built on top of Lucene. Instances to use an Elastic Search: 1.Fuzzy Searching: For example if you do not know the correct spelling of the text to find, then you can opt for elastic search i.e. it is lenient in terms of spelling. 2.Multi-Tenancy: Often, you must […]

Jul 17 2015

Finding Row Count of tables In AZURE, SQL, Oracle/PLSQL and MySQL

In this blog i will explain about how to find row count of tables in Azure, SQL, Oracle/PLSQL and MySQL Introduction For the Database, COUNT function is very simple and useful for counting the number of records, rather than return results using a SELECT statement. Nowadays lot of projects are been done under database Migration. […]

Jul 17 2015

Filter the Data from the Database using Conditional Linq Queries

Introduction Filtering data from the database based on different filtering fields, such as Name, Email, Date etc. is a tedious task since it requires large sequence of SQL queries.In order to find out a better and simpler way i searched over the internet and yeah..I found it. With the help of Conditional LINQ queries, it […]

Jun 5 2015

Transforming XML Files into Different Formats in C#

XML format is a commonly used format for document storage and processing both online and offline applications. It has a tree like structure and it shows inheritance that can be easily communicated and understood. Also it is license-free and platform-independent. It can be combined and reused to create new document formats. One of the disadvantages […]

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