Mar 29 2016

How to Maintain Consistency in SQL Tables using Linq

In .NET Framework, Transactionscope is an important class. Transaction is used under a set of short and quick tasks. If any of these tasks fails, the whole transaction should fail and all those tasks already done should rollback. Actually, in code, Transactionscope makes it transactional. For using Transactionscope, we can use the namespace, System.Transactions.TransactionScope. Transaction […]

Feb 24 2016

Export data from SQL Server to excel

In this article we will focus on how to export data from SQL Server Tables to an Excel file. The data from SQL Server is first fetched into a DataTable and this Datatable will be exported to an Excel Sheet. There are different methods for data exporting to various format, but all depends on the […]

Feb 23 2016

Making of a Custom-made Wizard Using Knockout JS

Now, I am currently working on a project that uses Knockout which has a requirement for a wizard. A wizard allows grouping of contents into simple sections or steps, so it saves page space and gives neat and stylish interfaces to the user. There are many types of plugins available for wizard. However, there is […]

Feb 23 2016

Query javaScript Objects In Seconds- Starting LINQ to JavaScript

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component which extends the language by the addition of query expressions which are akin to SQL statements. Using LINQ with javascript gives power and more flexibility of LINQ style queries to javascript codes. Advantages When we use LINQ in our javascript codes, we can write codes […]

Jan 22 2016

Various approaches to improve the performance of a web application

This blog is mainly aimed to improve the performance of web applications and lists out some important tips for the better performance of web applications.There are different tips to improve the performance of our web applications. One of them is client side improvement tips and another is database operations. Client Side 1.Cache API call Using […]

Nov 23 2015

Hectic with Downtime ? Use MEF

Introduction Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a component of .NET Framework 4.0 aiming to create lightweight, extensible applications. It aims to allow .NET application developers to discover and use extensions with no configuration required. The situation is when we need extensibility in a large application, and imagine that the application has to include large number […]

Jul 13 2015

Autofac- An Open-Source Dependency Injection (DI)

               Autofac is an open-source dependency injection (DI) or inversion of control (IoC) container.The Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) patterns are all about removing dependencies from your code.It is very useful and we can esily integarate Autofac in our application. 1.Add Autofac references. 2.Create a ContainerBuilder. 3.Register components. 4.Create a lifetime scope […]

Jun 1 2015

Dynamically Binding Google Maps Location using Knockout.js

Introduction There are many occasions where we will be looking for options to dynamically bind Google Maps location. This blog describes how we can use Google Maps using Knockout.js. Knockout.js is a JavaScript library that helps to create rich, responsive display and edit user interfaces with a clean underlying data model. Any time you have […]

Apr 30 2015

Infinite Scrolling in MVC Using Knockout Js

                                                      Infinite scrolling is trending as an interaction behaviour on pages and lists. The basic functionality of infinite scrolling is that the user scrolls through content and more content […]

Mar 30 2015

How can Dropdownlist selection changed event worked in MVC

Introduction As i am new to  MVC,I faced a problem on  how the dropdownlist selection changed event works. In simple Asp.Net, we can use the selectionchanged event of dropdownlist directly. But in MVC it is not possible. Faced Issue The issue is when I select one item in dropdownlist, a function will call that is […]

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