Mar 29 2016

E-commerce Websites in India

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce which involves transfer of goods and services electronically over internet without any barriers of distance and time. Nowadays e-commerce is steadily on the rise. As per the usage report, web traffic is coming more from mobiles and tablets than from computers. Data shows that 50.3% of traffic is coming through […]

Mar 21 2016

Convert an XSD to a class file using command prompt

Introduction We may have came over various circumstances where we may be in need of making class file (.cs, .vb, etc) out of XML schema files (XSD) or vice versa. Data contracts are usually provided in the form of XSD are such cases. One of the .Net framework provided tools named “XML Schema Definition Tool […]

Mar 21 2016

URL Rewriting of ASMX Web Service

Introduction Last month I got a task to create an API , and I did that gave the url to access the API to my client. My client had created the program for accessing the API. Days passed, my requirement changed since it happen many times as far as a developer is concerned . So […]

Jan 22 2016

Creating Bubble chart in Microsoft excel using C#

Introduction There are different type of charts like graphs, bar graphs and histograms, pie charts. These are mainly two-dimensional charts and we can create them in Microsoft excel easily. But there is an another chart called bubble chart.A bubble chart is a chart type that shows three dimensions of data. Each entity with its triplet […]

Jan 22 2016

Azure Active Directory SQL Authentication

INTRODUCTION Azure Active Directory is a fully managed multi-tenant service from Microsoft that offers identity and access capabilities for applications running in Microsoft Azure and for applications running in an on-premises environment. Its name leads to incorrect conclusions about what Azure AD really is. Therefore, to avoid any confusion with Windows Server Active Directory that […]

Aug 24 2015

Dynamic Stored Procedure

IntroductionA dynamic SQL in a stored procedure is a single Transact-SQL statement or a set of statements stored in a variable and executed using a SQL command.Dynamic SQL allows stored procedures to “write” or dynamically generate their SQL statements.The most common use case for dynamic SQL is stored procedures with optional parameters in the WHERE […]

Aug 24 2015

Sending Bulk e-Mails from Background using HangFire C#

How to do a background Task?   This might be a question asked among many developers using C# .Net. Well, the best answer to the above question would be to "Use Hangfire" . Hangfire is used to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring jobs inside .Net applications. This acts like a thread. One of the main […]

May 13 2015

Left Join Two DataTables into a single datatable using Linq

Introduction This is a simple blog which explain how to left join two dataTables into a  single dataTable using linq. The reason behind  writing  this blog is that, I  have tried many solutions from Google, but most of them were not working. And they were all  meant to join into a list. Here I am going to explain about […]

Apr 9 2015

Elasticsearch in C# .Net

Introduction Elasticsearch is one of the easiest way to do full text searching in .Net. Interestingly it is based on Lucene Search, which is build in java.  One of the issues that I had faced while using Lucene search was that it was not searching for the values “in”and i suppose it would be mainly because "in" […]

Mar 2 2015

How to call stored procedures in Entity Framework?

      Entity Framework has ability to automatically build SQL commands for the database based on your LINQ to Entities or Entity SQL queries.It also creates the commands for inserting, updating, or deleting data.Stored procedures offer developers the opportunity to couple the set-based power of SQL with the iterative and conditional processing control of […]

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