Aug 10 2016

How to implement a CMS for your project – Orchard

While working on a new project, I required a CMS for documentation purposes. A search on the web familiarised me with Orchard, a CMS that is simple and efficient to use. The idea is to share the details of this CMS with readers. “Orchard – is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built […]

Mar 30 2016

How to Set Up Site Bindings in Internet Information Services (IIS)

Introduction Here I’m going to discuss some scenarios for setting up bindings using Internet Information Services (IIS). This information will help you host multiple sites on a single Dedicated Windows Server. If IIS is installed in the machine, you can access it by typing ‘inetmgr’ in run as shown in the image below: By right […]

Feb 24 2016

How to Use Elasticsearch in SAAS Based Application

Scenario While migrating an application in ASP.NET MVC to SaaS-based application, I had faced an issue with elasticsearch. ie For every tenant application storing data in the same place, the client can see the data of other tenants. How to setup Elastic Search: For the basics of setting up ElasticSearch, creating an index, indexing data […]

Jan 22 2016

Easy Method To Run A Recuring Task In An Application Using Quartz.Net

Introduction Most of us might have come across various scenarios like – we need to execute some set of codes recursively(scheduled jobs). There are different tools that we can use for this purpose – one of the popular tool is Quartz.Net. Quartz.Net is an open source job scheduling system. In this article, we will discuss […]

Dec 22 2015

A Painless Error Log Plug-in- ELMAH/log4Net solution

Scenario: After hosting an application(ASP.Net), I faced an issue due to lack of Error Logging. I did not have any idea what exactly was the reason behind it. However after a detailed search, I found out these two tools mentioned below: log4Net ELMAH Here I’m going to explain how to use these two tools in […]

Nov 23 2015

Nail your customers with Google map & its draggable marker

Introduction As we all know Google map provides lot of features that we can use in our applications to enhance the usability of our application, I'm going to explain today on how to use Google map and its draggable marker to reduce the keystrokes. Think about a situation where you are going to type address […]

Oct 20 2015

Drawing polygon and fetching coordinates with Google Map API v3

Introduction we can draw various shapes on google map. According to Google “A shape is an object on the map, tied to a latitude/longitude coordinate”. The following are the shapes available in Google Map API v3: lines, polygons, circles and rectangles. A user can also drag and edit the shapes. Following is a simple example […]

Jul 27 2015

SingleTenant and MultiTenant authentication in ASP.NET MVC Part1

Introduction In this article i’m going to explain about how to implement authentication in ASP.NET MVC applications focussing mainly on singletenant and multitenant authentication. Before discussing about authentication, we need to know what single-tenancy and multi-tenancy is. Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of an application serves multiple customers and each customer […]

May 28 2015

Implementing Google’s reCaptcha in MVC

Introduction In this article i’m explaining about how to implement “reCaptcha” in ASP.NET MVC. “reCaptcha” is a free service to protect your website from spam and abuse. New “reCaptcha” is an easier one than its predecessors, instead of solving a captcha now it's just a single click to prove that the user is not robot […]

May 11 2015

Working with Google Map and Geolocation based search in ASP.NET MVC

Introduction In this article,i am going to explain how to work with Google map and how to implement Geolocation based search in MVC.Google Maps is a mapping service application and technology provided by Google,offering satellite imagery,street maps,and Street View perspectives,as well as functions such as a route planner for travelling by foot, car,or with public […]

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