Oct 27 2015

The Power of Mobile Crowd

Introduction Anyone who has ever participated in a team responsible for mobile application quality should be aware of some of the challenges and problems related to this process. Some of them are mentioned below : Selecting the group of devices, their systems and versions Testing under different network conditions (type of network, strength, etc.) Testing […]

Oct 27 2015

Mastering AngularJS from Knockout Js – Part-2 (Database Connectivity : $http)

In this article we will be learning how to fetch data from the server. We will discuss how to do this using both the technologies. My last article was about learning the basics of angularjs using knockout js. In this blog we will learn how to interact with the server using angular. Hope you will […]

Oct 27 2015

Switch to Mobility!! Amazing aisle for C# developers

Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java, can be done in C#. ie you write coding for apps entirely in C#, share the same code on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and much more. Native UI, native API access & native performance. Xamarin apps are built with standard, native user interface controls. Apps not […]

Oct 27 2015

Manage Challenges at GitLab

Introduction GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager with issue tracking features. The software was written by Dmitriy Zaporozhets. The code is written in Ruby. GitLab is similar to the TFS(Team Foundation Server) in Visual Studio. The main difference is – TFS has a central server and GitLab has no central server. GitLab mainly depends […]

Oct 27 2015

Mastering AngularJS from Knockout JS

I was wondering how challenging it would be to learn Angular JS when my project was demanding to learn it. In fact I had no clue from where to start. But being a developer with ample experience in KnockoutJS has helped me and I would like to share my experience of how I adapted to […]

Oct 26 2015

Sending Events to Azure Event Hub through HTTP Client

As we already know Event Hubs are Microsoft Azure platform for message (events) streaming . Now let see how we can sent data to event hub through HTTP Client. Every events should be posted to an Event Hub URL in the below format , https://eventhubnamespace-ns.servicebus.windows.net/eventhub-name/publishers/publisher-name/messages where   eventhubnamespace-ns = Event hub namespace eventhub-name = Event […]

Oct 20 2015

Drawing polygon and fetching coordinates with Google Map API v3

Introduction we can draw various shapes on google map. According to Google “A shape is an object on the map, tied to a latitude/longitude coordinate”. The following are the shapes available in Google Map API v3: lines, polygons, circles and rectangles. A user can also drag and edit the shapes. Following is a simple example […]