Jul 27 2015

Alternative for Creating Image Icons

Font Awesome is an advanced alternative for creating image icons in design layouts. By loading the font and CSS files, Font Awesome can be applied to any website. It can be integrated to your Photoshop designs as well.  In this blog, I'd like to explain how you can use font awesome in Photoshop designs.   […]

Jul 27 2015

SingleTenant and MultiTenant authentication in ASP.NET MVC Part1

Introduction In this article i’m going to explain about how to implement authentication in ASP.NET MVC applications focussing mainly on singletenant and multitenant authentication. Before discussing about authentication, we need to know what single-tenancy and multi-tenancy is. Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of an application serves multiple customers and each customer […]

Jul 22 2015

How To Implement Paging Using C# And KnockoutJs- Part1 [Server Side]

        Recently I came across a situation in my MVC project where I had to display large amount of table data in my web application UI. Passing large amount of data from the server to the client UI could adversely affect the performance of the UI. To tackle this situation, I looked into customizing the […]

Jul 22 2015

Knockoutjs – Absolute beginners training part-1

Knockoutjs is a JavaScript plugin which is purely JavaScript and is currently becoming popular day by day. It helps in creating rich/interactive and responsive web application. JavaScript plays a vital role in the development area, like validation, responsiveness etc. Ko uses MVVM pattern. What is MVVM ? It is Model View ViewModel and it is […]

Jul 22 2015

Cross Origin Resource/Sharing Challenges and Solutions in .Net

Introduction : All web developers may have a chance of facing an issue to call other resources which resides on outside origin. (where “origin” is defined as the combination of host name, protocol and port number).For example, JavaScript on a web page from http://logiticks.com can’t make ajax calls to http://www.google.com or even http://www.logiticks.com, http://www.logiticks.com:80, because of some security […]

Jul 17 2015

Finding Row Count of tables In AZURE, SQL, Oracle/PLSQL and MySQL

In this blog i will explain about how to find row count of tables in Azure, SQL, Oracle/PLSQL and MySQL Introduction For the Database, COUNT function is very simple and useful for counting the number of records, rather than return results using a SELECT statement. Nowadays lot of projects are been done under database Migration. […]

Jul 17 2015

Filter the Data from the Database using Conditional Linq Queries

Introduction Filtering data from the database based on different filtering fields, such as Name, Email, Date etc. is a tedious task since it requires large sequence of SQL queries.In order to find out a better and simpler way i searched over the internet and yeah..I found it. With the help of Conditional LINQ queries, it […]

Jul 15 2015

How to configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in Windows

Introduction      LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a software protocol for enabling anyone to locate organizations, individuals, and other resources to manage and access the distributed directory information service. LDAP is a lightweight version of Directory Access Protocol (DAP), which is part of X.500. Microsoft includes it as a part of what it […]

Jul 13 2015

Autofac- An Open-Source Dependency Injection (DI)

               Autofac is an open-source dependency injection (DI) or inversion of control (IoC) container.The Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) patterns are all about removing dependencies from your code.It is very useful and we can esily integarate Autofac in our application. 1.Add Autofac references. 2.Create a ContainerBuilder. 3.Register components. 4.Create a lifetime scope […]

Jul 5 2015

Methods to populate values in a drop down list in MVC (Razor)(includes binding Enum values to a drop down list)

Introduction There are several methods to populate values in a drop-down list. I have mentioned 2 simple ways which can be helpful to understand the  basics of binding data to a drop-down list in MVC(razor). Method 1: The first method is very simple. Create a view and add a drop-down list using an HTML helper(@HTML.DropDownList). […]

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