Jun 29 2015

Azure Redis Caching

Introduction Microsoft Azure Redis Cache working depends on Redis Cache. A cache created using Azure Redis Cache is accessible from any application within Microsoft Azure. Its like a Dictionary. There is a key as well as a corresponding value. Situation We had a Cloud service application in azure, and there we had lot of worker […]

Jun 28 2015

How to retrieve all possible information about a LinkedIn Account using asp.net c#

Introduction In this article I will explain about how to retrive all possible information from a LinkedIn Account in an ASP.Net website using C#. I will be also explaining on how to create a LinkedIn Application and get the LinkedIn API Key and Secret Key on LinkedIn Developers Site. Getting Started Fetch LinkedIn API Key […]

Jun 16 2015

Understanding the basics of Bootstrap Grid

People use bootstrap as an easiest medium to create a layout. But no one is really interested in finding out what is happening behind the curtain. Unless and until the design is broken. So my intention is to give a basic idea to the designers and developers about the tricks of bootstrap grid. In this […]

Jun 15 2015

Comparison of Cross-Platform Mobile Development

As the mobile industry grows, mobile technology and the operating system for each mobile have also been tremendously changing. To overcome the concept of developing separate app for each platform(Native coding), there is a different approach called Cross-Platform Development .Lets take a quick look at what exactly is Cross-Platform Development . The top cross-platform tools available as […]

Jun 14 2015

Cost of being nice? Nothing!!!

Over the years in business and in personal life I have learned that it costs nothing to be nice –other than a potential mindset change. Much has been written about this and nothing really new has changed except that we each need to remind ourselves about this. Some people call this “Paying It Forward”. I […]

Jun 5 2015

Transforming XML Files into Different Formats in C#

XML format is a commonly used format for document storage and processing both online and offline applications. It has a tree like structure and it shows inheritance that can be easily communicated and understood. Also it is license-free and platform-independent. It can be combined and reused to create new document formats. One of the disadvantages […]

Jun 2 2015

How to improve the page load time of a website ?

Bundling and minification improves load time by reducing the number of requests to the server and thereby reducing the size of requested assets.Hence these two techniques can be used in ASP.NET 4.5 to improve request load time. A bundle is a logical group of files that is loaded with a single HTTP request. We […]

Jun 2 2015

How to get href attribute of all anchor element of html page using C#

Introduction Html agility pack is a .Net code library that helps to parse your html document. This is an agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain LT. First create a new Console application project from Visual Studio. Write the following code in .cs file

Output window Now you will get […]

Jun 2 2015

How to load web pages using Awesomium in WPF

Introduction I had a situation to scrap data from a website using WPF. For this ,i used HTML Agility pack and i had to face an issue in which few data started to load dynamically with JavaScript. Thus I landed up using Awesomium core as WPF WebControl is available in Awesomium.Windows.Controls. How to Install Awesomium […]

Jun 1 2015

Converting tables into Excel using jQuery plugin

Introduction There are many ways of exporting a table contents to an Excel file. While I was working on a project I found a very interesting and useful JavaScript which can easily be implemented and used. So I thought I could share with you. The tableExport plugin can be downloaded from github. Walkthrough about this […]

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