May 31 2015

Using Computed Observables in KnockoutJs

What is a computed Observable?? Computed observables are primarily used to return a calculated value based on one or more observables. Consider a simple example where we have 2 observables – first name and last name. The requirement is to display the full name. We can do this by appending the value of the 2 […]

May 31 2015

Data Binding example using knockout

Introduction: Knockout is an MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) implementation. It separates our view(Html page) from the the model (ie: data). The view model is acts as the intermediate which does the mapping between the model and the view. It is a two way binding, thus any changes in the model will be reflected to the view and […]

May 28 2015

Implementing Google’s reCaptcha in MVC

Introduction In this article i’m explaining about how to implement “reCaptcha” in ASP.NET MVC. “reCaptcha” is a free service to protect your website from spam and abuse. New “reCaptcha” is an easier one than its predecessors, instead of solving a captcha now it's just a single click to prove that the user is not robot […]

May 28 2015

Comparison between 3-Tier and MVC architecture

Introduction The 3tier architecture is similar as MVC architecture. The basic concept in 3-Tier architecture is that the client tier has not have direct contact with the database tier. All communications are done through middle tier. But in MVC architecture it is triangular. Here view give some commands to controller,the controller updates the model and […]

May 28 2015

Displaying dropdown list on checkbox selection using knockout

Introduction While doing my project I had some issues with the dropdown which is always visible without checking the checkbox selected. Actually what i need is to display the dropdown list when the checkbox is selected. To solve this issue I found a better solution to use knockout. The output i achieved is given below: […]

May 25 2015

Programically check whether a website is down or not

Introduction Website and web application are common these days. Each of us have at least one website.For a software development company it may be uncountable. Imagine a scenario when the number of hosted websites is unpredictable and unmanageable and the worst time is when an important site is down for hours. For a small amount […]

May 25 2015

What happens when you float a Div

As we discussed in the previous article blog, elements will take hundred percent width of a container. So there we find CSS Float as a saviour to create column based design. Containing Element Problem is a challenge developers/designers faced often, as the elements will be floated when they move of the normal render flow and […]

May 18 2015

Web.config File Transformations

Introduction.           Most of us have worked with web applications using asp.Net. While publishing a web application, we have to change the web configuration according to the server. There are two types of database connection string – local and server side configuration and while publishing the web application each time we need to […]

May 13 2015

How to add Certificates in Azure Websites Applications

Introduction Now a day applications are hosted in Azure websites. Some application need certificate for security purposes because those applications may need any API call with in the application. In this blog, i will explain in a step by step procedure to create a certificate and upload it to Azure. What is certificate ? Certificate […]

May 13 2015

Left Join Two DataTables into a single datatable using Linq

Introduction This is a simple blog which explain how to left join two dataTables into a  single dataTable using linq. The reason behind  writing  this blog is that, I  have tried many solutions from Google, but most of them were not working. And they were all  meant to join into a list. Here I am going to explain about […]

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