Apr 30 2015

Infinite Scrolling in MVC Using Knockout Js

                                                      Infinite scrolling is trending as an interaction behaviour on pages and lists. The basic functionality of infinite scrolling is that the user scrolls through content and more content […]

Apr 30 2015

Programmatically Custom Invoke Azure Web Job Using C#

Ever since we’ve had (web) applications ,there is a need for tasks that are executed on a regular basis or at specific points. A common way to do this is through some sort of scheduler, like the Windows Task Scheduler or from some custom (Windows) service. In a web based or cloud scenario you can […]

Apr 30 2015

How to protect our viewmodel property using protectedObservable? – Part2

Introduction In my previous blog I have described how to guard our model using protected Observable. As it was an older approach, I'll explain how to implement that in the latest way. Implementation In my previous blog I had a view Model name Customer View Model,

Also had a model class Customer

Instead […]

Apr 30 2015

Setting up AngularJS for ASP.Net MVC & WebAPI Project – Part 2

In my previous blog I had created REST API for CRUD operation. Now we will create a UI layer using Angular js. First step: Right-click on the UI folder and add a new Project. We need to add AngularJS to the current project.To do so, right-click on the project name and select ‘Manager NuGet Package’. […]

Apr 30 2015

Setting up AngularJS for ASP.Net MVC & WebAPI project- Part 1

 I have recently created a Visual Studio 2013 project template to support integrating of AngularJS with ASP.Net MVC 5. How can we club AngularJS and MVC WebAPI ? AnuglarJS is a Single Page Application (SPA) framework and it brings with it a host of functionality that helps in providing a true SPA experience to user. […]

Apr 30 2015

How to protect viewmodel property using protectedObservable?

Introduction Knockout.js is one of the JavaScript framework that offers data-binding functionality similar to WPF MVVM pattern. As a developer, one of the issues we find while implementing Knockout in the real world is that Knockout immediately gets updated when a user updates the value. I have described about commit and reset function below and […]

Apr 29 2015

Unit Test for Service Layer which use Repository Pattern with Entity Framework

Why Testing Testing is the tool to improve software quality. Tests can reduce bugs which provide better coding, and much accurate outcome. Need of Unit Tests Unit testing is a testing method by which the individual units of source code are tested to determine whether it's correct and fit for use. A unit test provides […]

Apr 27 2015

Hierarchical Dropdown Binding in MVC

Introduction Hierarchical dropdown is also called as Cascading dropdown. It enables a scenario in which the contents of one Dropdown list depends on the selection of another list. Below shows an image of the Hierarchical dropdown for which if we have selected the branch and the next dropdown will list the corresponding subjects of the […]

Apr 17 2015

To create multiple Razor views as Popup

Introduction During my project I had created two views -one for displaying the List view and another view for adding data to the List. And both the views using the different view models. My task was to bring one of the views as a Popup to avoid the navigation. To solve this I have used […]

Apr 10 2015

CEO interview series with Jay Weeldreyer

About Jay Weeldreyer  Jay is the Chief Experiment Officer at Inquiry Mode. In the past, he was the founder and CEO of LendJoy. He is an active member in the startup community. He is also the founder Coach at Techstars and a Mentor at the Startup Weekends.   Jay is best described by his colleagues as a Visionary & absolutely […]

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