Mar 30 2015

How can Dropdownlist selection changed event worked in MVC

Introduction As i am new to  MVC,I faced a problem on  how the dropdownlist selection changed event works. In simple Asp.Net, we can use the selectionchanged event of dropdownlist directly. But in MVC it is not possible. Faced Issue The issue is when I select one item in dropdownlist, a function will call that is […]

Mar 30 2015

How to implement CRUD operations in FullCalendar

Introduction Full Calendar is a jquery plugin which generates a stunning calendar populated with your events, posts, or any other custom post type.FullCalendar is used mainly used to view the scheduled task. CRUD operations include create, read, update, and delete. In *create operation we can create an event. In update* operation we can update an event. In delete operation we can […]

Mar 29 2015

Multiple Image Uploading plugins in MVC using knockout

There are lots of ways to upload files in MVC. Here we will discuss about how we can upload multiple files in MVC using knockout with examples?     The situation is, the user need to select multiple files with a single file upload button .We can implement this concept by using a plugin using the following […]

Mar 27 2015

Cache busting in ASP.NET Application

Introduction Optimizing website performance includes setting long expiration dates in our static resources such as images, style sheets and JavaScript files. Doing that inform the browser to cache our files which we don’t have to request them every time a user loads a page. This is one of the most important things to do while […]

Mar 22 2015

Export data to excel using MVC

Recently as part of my work I was trying to export data to excel using MVC. Let me admit, I am new to MVC, so my natural inclination was to Google around and if someone has already tried it out. I did manage to get a pile of code snippet around the same topic but honestly wasn't satisfied with the result. Here's […]

Mar 20 2015

Creating reusable methods inside view templates in Razor

Hello everyone,  "Creating reusable methods inside view templates in Razor"? Yes, this is a very interesting piece of work that I was struggling to implement and spend a good amount of time to finally get it done. Problem :  I wanted to add a welcome note (good morning, good afternoon….) on the Home page and the […]

Mar 17 2015

The Amazon Way

For millions of people around the world, Amazon has been a household name. I’ve always wondered how Jeff Bezos built a company, a culture and a legacy that grew unstoppably to become the powerhouse it is today!!! But after reading John Rossman’s book – The Amazon Way, the answer is pretty clear. At Amazon, right from […]

Mar 13 2015

Blob storage in Windows Azure

Introduction Azure Blob storage is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured data such as text, binary data or some files that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS protocols. You can use Blob storage to expose data publicly to the world or store application data privately. Blob Service […]

Mar 9 2015

Achieving ACID Properties through transactions

Introduction A transaction is a set of related changes which is used to do some of the ACID properties.Transaction in database is required to protect data and keep it consistent when multiple users access the database at same time. Consider a classical example of ATM .You have a balance of Rs10000 and you are  going […]

Mar 9 2015

Embed Images in Email using .NET

        The other day I was sending a logo as an attachment via email. Though the email got delivered, the embedded logo image showed up as empty. I'm definitely retrieving the byte[] data properly and the ContentIDs match up — still no images show up!. That's when the thought of trying LinkedResource crossed my mind. Wondering what that is?        […]

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